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Software (prueba)

ETAP se compone de una serie de módulos que permiten al usuario realizar determinados estudios.

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Módulo Base

Cable Ampacity & Sizing – IEEE, ICEA, NEC

Cable Capacity, Sizing, & Shock Protection – IEC 60502 & IEC 60364

Load Flow / Voltage Drop

Panel Studies & Single Phase Systems

Wind Turbine Generator and PV Array

HVDC Transmission Link


Short-Circuit ANSI & IEC

Arc Flash – IEEE 1584 & NFPA70E (Requires Short Circuit)

Star – Protective Device Coordination & Sequence of Operation

Ground Grid Systems

Motor Acceleration – Dynamic & Static

Harmonic Analysis / Frequency Scan / Harmonic Filters & Sizing


Load Analyzer

Star Auto-Evaluation – Automated Protection & Coordination (Requires Star)

StarZ – T&D Network Protection / Distance Relay (Requires Protective Device Coordination)

Transformer Sizing & Tap Optimization

Cable Pulling

Underground Thermal Analysis / Duct Banks

DC Load Flow

DC Short Circuit

Battery Discharge & Sizing

Transient Stability

User-Defined Dynamic Models

Dynamic Parameter Estimation & Tuning (Requires User-Defined Dynamic Models)

Generator Start-Up (Requires Transient Stability and User-Defined Dynamic Models)

Motor Parameter Estimation Tuning

Optimal Capacitor Placement

Unbalanced Load Flow

Line Sag & Tension / Line Ampacity

Optimal Power Flow

Contingency Analysis

Reliability Assessment

Import / Export MS Excel